Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Feature Film

This has been a busy month over here at Razorwire Pictures. We're in the middle of production on a new feature film tentatively tilted "Khadijah." It's a post apocalyptic, sci-fi, time travel flick. Cast includes Kyle Morris (2012:Ice Age/Savaged/Reel Evil) as the lead and Todd Brown (Carrion/Ironhorse) will be reprising his role as Detective Giger. Robert Leroy Diaz (Countdown to Zero/Crime Scene X) is our cinematographer, Dean Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean 4/OZ: The Great and Powerful) is designing the makeup effects and Warren Abbott is executive producing. What we're setting out to do with this film, is to go back to the way movies used to be made. So no greenscreen, cgi stuff here! We're using miniatures, stop-motion animation, prosthetic makeup, and animatronic effects for this one! Shooting should be wrapped at the of September, for a projected release date of January 2013. We'll keep 'ya posted!

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