Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Second Self...Now on DVD!

Award winning director Chris J. Miller takes you on a journey into dreams and the subconscious wake with the new short film collection: THE SECOND SELF...AND OTHER SHORT STORIES.
THE SECOND SELF is a surreal odyssey starring Kyle Morris (2012: ICE AGE/SAVAGED) as a filmmaker who meets his doppelganger while being forced to finish a movie he started making ten years prior. TIOGA is a twisted tale about two deranged roommates and their psychotic relationship, and the Empixx Award winner CRAWFISH rounds out the trilogy as a radical, metaphoric political tale that will have you pondering the real and the unreal. Filled with captivating visual effects and classic stop motion animation, THE SECOND SELF ...AND OTHER SHORT STORIES is a must have for fans of strange and unusual cinema.

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