Thursday, December 29, 2011

New DVD from Razorwire Pictures now available!

It's been a busy year for me and Razorwire Pictures. In between shooting various animated short films, I managed to sell two screenplays to the Gospel Music Network, win two Empixx awards, and worked on the sequel to The Toolbox Murders. So I've decided to release a new DVD of the various shorts that have been produced by Razorwire Pictures this past year-Enjoy!

Razorwire Pictures brings you the most innovative and creative collection of avant-garde animated shorts; using such techniques as stop motion animation, traditional 2d animation and CGI. This set includes:

A scientist and a Nazi drag queen explore the world of crawfish through a microscope.
* Winner 2011 Empixx Awards

An insomniac dreams of becoming a super-hero built out of trash.

Two drunkards discuss the meaning of life, while the world catches on fire around them.

Two extra-terrestrial aliens working at a lightbulb factory embark on many misadventures throughout the day.
*Winner 2011 Empixx Awards

A day in the life of a creature working inside of a circuit board.

Five stop motion tales revolving around; a gargoyle, a duck on a bike, Pinocchio's resurrection, a dancing elephant, and a sea of worms round out the third and final chapter in the award winning SUSHI series.

Bonus Features:
Frankenstein Goes To Camp
Fantastic Explorations: The Journey To Mongo Planet
electroFiend's Music Video
Krzysztof Muller Music Video

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